Promotion Rules for Assistant Professor in College & University

Getting promotion from a lower post to a high-level post is a common process in departments.

There are some latest updates related to promotions in teaching in India’s colleges and universities.

So, if you are interested to pursue your career as a lecturer by qualifying the exams like UGC NET or CSIR NET then it is important for you to know about the rules of promotion starting from Assistant Professor post.

Here in this blog, we have covered all important rules regarding promotion in colleges and universities.

Rules for Promotion in Colleges

  • To get the promotion from Assistant Professor (Level -10) to Assistant Professor (Level 11), it is required to have four years of service and Ph.D. degree. An alternative to this, five years of service as Assistant Professor and MPhil degree/ Postgraduation degree is required or Six years of Service without a Ph.D./MPhil/PG Degree is required.
  • Assistant Professor who complete five years of service at level 11 will be eligible to get a promotion at level 12.
  • The eligibility for promotion form Level 12 and Ph.D. degree at Level 13A i.e. Associate Professor based on completion of three years at Level 12.
  • Associate Professor (Level-13A) with three years of experience, 10 research publication reviews with Ph.D., three Research Paper and Professor (Level-14) with 110 Research Score will be eligible for the promotion.
  • Academic performance is also an important factor that will be considered in promotion activities.

Rules for Promotion in University

  • Four years of service and Ph.D. degrees are needed for promotion form the post of Assistant Professor (Level – 10) to Assistant Professor (Level-11).


  • Five years of service ad MPhil degree/PG degree (Professional Course) is required.


  • Six years of service without Ph.D./MPhil/PG degree (Professional Course) is required.
  • For promotion at Level -12 from Level-11, Five years of service and Ph.D. required.
  • For promotion to Level -13A (Associate Professor) from Level-12, three years of service, Ph.D. degree, three research papers and Ph.D. candidate’s guide at level-12 required
  • For further promotion, three years of experience of Associate Professor (Level-13A), a Doctoral candidate’s guide, 10 Research Publication Reviews with PhD, three research papers and Professor (Level-14) with 110 research scores are required.


We hope that this information is helpful to you about knowing the promotion rules for Assistant Professors.

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