IBPS PO Interview Tips |Guidelines for Preparation

The last step for IBPS PO examination is “Interview”. Candidates who had cleared the written examination will have to face this stage.

Interview is a process which is used to know about your ability to use your knowledge for the benefits of organisation.


It’s essential to crack the interview with good marks to get your dream job.

Candidates should prepare themselves well to qualify in IBPS PO Interview.

Preparation Tips for IBPS PO Interview:

Candidates should give some attention for the preparation of interview. There are lots of such things to be considered while going for an Personal Interview. Examination for Po will start very soon. Candidate should check IBPS PO 2017 Updates to get details about exam.

Let’s discuss some basic tips to prepare for Interview.

Body language:

Candidates must be professional while going for interview.
Use formal dress, Polish your shoes, shave, Trim your hairs. Be confident, let smile on your face.

Make a Good Impression:

First impressions are the most lasting. You will recognised for a long time for your first impression. Use a gentle way of talking, shake hands, be polite, always smile. These are the basic things you need to do to make an effective impact on interviewer.

Improve your English:

You must have to pay attention to improve your English. Because English is a trend in this generation and you must use English in interview to give your answer. Start practising on daily basis to get command over English language.

Prepare yourself for Introduction:

Introduction is the most important part in interview. You should prepare well to deliver an interactive introduction to the interviewer. Read some interviews of other candidates, it will help you to make your introduction part.

Use Experiences of Interviews:

To prepare well you can read experiences of interviews who had succeed in their interviews. There are many articles available on internet websites which will help you to guide for your interview.

Questions Asked in IBPS PO Interview:

The quality of questions which will ask from you depends upon your initial performance. Try to give your best in introduction.
Following are the questions that can be asked in IBPS PO Interview:

Questions from your CV:

CV should be well maintained before appearing in interview. Because generally first questions are asked from your CV.

  • Mostly questions will ask on your profile like:
  • Tell me about yourself?
  • Your weakness and your strength?
  • Your family backgrounds?
  • Your home town?
  • Your interests?

Candidates should already prepare for these questions to give their best answers before interviewer asks to them.

Questions related to Banking Sector:

It depends on interviewer mood that if he wants to ask questions form banking sector or ordinary questions.

Candidates should prepare well for their banking sector related questions.

Questions from current affairs:

Make command over current affair questions. They will ask you at least 2-3 questions from current affair.

Other important questions asked in IBPS PO Interview:

  • Why should we hire you?
  • What do you know about this organisation?
  • What do you know about Banking?
  • Who is the CEO of our organization?
  • Why do you want a job in Banking sector?
  • What do you know about Probationary Officer?

So, these are the basic tips to give your best in Interview of IBPS PO.

I hope these tips will be helpful for you. If you have any doubt about this article, then you can comment below in comment box.

Best of luck!!!

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